Friday, May 27, 2005

Visual Studio 2005 beta 2

I was asked to do a prototype of a new UI based on new features from VS 2005. I started with the thinking that it should be relatively simple to upgrade stuff from .Net framework 1.1 up. We actually had a good experience with VS 2002 beta 2. Boy was I wrong this time. Things I encountered include:

- the new partial classes with aspx pages blows up the previous implementations of inherited code behind. See this blog entry.
- custom controls not showing up. Haven't even logged this yet.
- using master pages changes how controls are hooked up under the Page object. I always thought the FindControl method goes iterative into the hierarchy, but I guess I was wrong.
- XML serialization problems with datasets. A patch is needed for framework 1.1 but not available yet.

So my advice to the reader is that check early and don't assume anything.

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