Wednesday, October 21, 2009

bike fit

I went for a bike fit at this bike shop. Here is what I have learned from the session.

1. Most of us have feet that are not parallel to the ground. I have known since a teenager that the outside of my shoes wears out first. Yet most pedals and cleats assume we are parallel and we are locked in while riding. I sometimes get soreness on the outside of my feet possibly because of this. The guys at the store installed some cleat wedges to rectify that problem.

2. In an ideal world the world the knee should be perfectly above the pedal and moving up-and-down only. Sideways movements just causes inefficiencies in the power transfer. The guys figured that my knee was moving outwards and rectified it by moving the pedals out by 20mm. At first it feels drastic but after a few rides it seems natural now. My only worry now is how peddling through a corner in a crit will be affected.

Before I went into the fit session I thought it was mainly about adjustment saddle and handlebar positions. They spend way more time on cleat and knee position than saddle/handlebar. I now have results to prove that I am more effective and would recommend this bike fit session to any serious cyclist.
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