Tuesday, July 24, 2007

there are racers and there are racers

Last Saturday on the club ride we had time to chat because of a good number of flats along the way. One topic of discussion was wheel weight and how one guy bought a used wheel with a Powertap. The rear wheel weighs 1700 grams alone and he rebuilt the Powertap with a lighter rim and it saved him 200 grams.

Then yesterday during the weekly criterium race I can't help but notice one guy on a bike that squeals. After the race I was asking him whether he notices the noise from his bike. He said he ignores the noise. Another guy rolled by and pointed out that he spokes are loose and rubbing.

It just surprises me how extreme people are: either they care about every gram they carry or they are totally insensitive about savings to make their bike go faster. Go figure.

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