Tuesday, November 13, 2007

indoor trainer

I have always resisted the idea of riding a trainer in the house. It never appeared to be interesting nor effective, until this year.

It started out having a cold winter this January when I have to stop commuting for a few weeks.
In the fall when soccer season starts it is obvious that I will have less time riding in daylight.
Then there was some discount trainer emails flying around.

So being the cheap bastard that I am, instead of buying a new one, I sourced an old noisy trainer for $20 from a friend.

I've started riding on the trainer and it feels different. The 12s or zone 2s seem to be harder on the trainer than on the road. I've tried a small amount of 14s just to see how it feels and it seems harder as well.

On the entertainment front I found some old Japanese animation series that I normally would not watch sitting down. It works and time flys by a bit better than a regular Hollywood movie.

I probably need to set up a fan as I am sweating like a pig.

The lesson learned is that it is not boring when you don't want it to be boring.


Ryan said...

The trainer works?!

Mark said...

Yes it does work, Ryan. Nothing that some WD40 cannot fix.

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