Sunday, December 02, 2007

good coaches don't yell

My daughter is involved in both soccer and basketball. A few weeks back we were up in SFU playing a Vancouver Whitecaps Club Super Series soccer game. Her team was coached by Steve Kindel. It helped with a quiet environment and a small field. Steve was calm and was always talking to the girls in a speaking tone. Instructions were clear and concise and the points were well taken by the team.

Today my daughter was in a basketball game. I got there just about half time and I realized her opponents were very different from other opponents her team has faced before. Defense was strong, people help each other in double teaming, inbounds play is precise. As I look towards the opponents' bench I saw a familiar face. Again Kevin is calm and collected, not talking much but when he makes a point his team listens.

In contrast, I yell too much. Sometimes the same keywords over and over again to no avail. I will definitely try different strategies to get my point across.

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