Thursday, June 05, 2008

Westside Classic 2008

I am not too happy with my race and I am not too unhappy about the race as well. Going in I know it will be hard for me to follow the main pack up the hill. Someone said the first two laps will be hard and it was. At lap one there was a gap after the climb but I was able to bridge back with a bit of time to get ready for the second climb. By lap two I have lost sight of the main pack. We formed a group of six (and later seven) that rode together for most of the race - knowing that we can't bridge up. At the last climb there were seven of us - four from the same club. I tried to set the guys up by forcing the tempo and blew up half way up Camosun. Four guys left the pack - three of which are from my club. Yet still the coveted 42nd spot when to the lone enemy. I could have regrouped to try to sprint for 2 more positions but did not try hard enough doing so.

I felt stronger this year than last but unfortunately not strong enough to be in the big group. Looks like climbing up Camosun in the big chainring is a requirement for next year. From a numbers perspective I am about 10 places better than 2007 and time-wise I am about 10 minutes faster as well. I also have improved on my turns, especially the two turns entering and leaving SW Marine drive.

Here are some photos. And here is the official results page.

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