Wednesday, July 09, 2008

3 good weeks followed by...

All good things have to come to an end. :-(

Firstly it was some work related stuff that delayed my departure to make it to the Thursday night crit. That wasn't all bad as I took the opportunity to do some intervals and it was by far the hardest I have done all year.
That however leads into Friday: the schedule says do some time-trial pace intervals. My legs were dead. I have a day off and decided to sleep in instead.

So the delay pushed the time-trial pace intervals to Saturday before the club ride. It was raining lightly off and on and there were wet patches on the road. To save time I did the Chicks TT route. I was not doing too well. I was not pushing too hard when I hit the downhill portion of 16th towards Imperial Ave. I was thinking that I had a good line turning right when the rear wheel slipped. Immediately the bike was traveling sideways. I did a baseball slide at about 35kph on Asphalt. When I got up there was a car right behind me. The driver kindly offered to take me home and pointed out my right thigh/bum area is badly injured. I then realized that my shorts are ripped and I was bleeding. I decided to ride home slowly as my bike was fine as it probably will be better for me to keep the muscles moving.

When I got home I assessed the damage: right shifter was bent in - easy fix. Scrapes to right pedal and shifter. Most cuts to handlebar wrap. A couple of some bumps and bruises and one big skin abrasion about 4 inches by 4 inches. I was not bleeding a lot. I have been leaking fluid out of the wound for 2-3 days and it is finally coming to and end. Hopefully I can start training again in a day or two when the motion of thigh moving up and down does not cause a lot of pain and the skin has healed up enough.

The odd thing I still cannot explain is why the rear wheel slipped. I was well into the turn when it slipped. I was on my hoods implying more weight was on the rear wheel. So wetness should not be the explanation. More likely I hit a slippery patch or sand.

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