Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tuesday Night Crit #1

This is my first race of the year, the local WTNC criterium at UBC.

The image has the first 5 laps up to the prime. Where the blue line is going above 50kph is the downhill section on 16th. After that there is a 2 short sections followed by the 1 minute climb up Stadium. The third lap is the hardest averaging about 370W. Other laps range from 320W to 360W. The whole race was averaging about 37kph with a normalized power of 264W which is kind of in range given my FTP is 250W.

There is one other significant point about this race. I was racing with an ex-professional hockey player whom has his number recently retired by the Canucks. Of course he is good and strong and won the race. As for me I just recovered from a 2-week bout of cold and was happy to finish the race.

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