Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cypress Hill Climb

Climbed up Cypress on Wednesday. 41 minutes from the first switchback to the end of the steep part just beyond the power lines.

The dips in power happened where the switchbacks are. It is relatively flat and only on the lookup was I trying to power it through. With the others I was actually stretching my back and legs.

Everything done in one gear: 39x27. Cadence was mostly between 75-80. Power drifts down as heart rate drifts up.

Actually I was surprised that I have heart rate data for the whole climb. These old Powertaps tend not to record heart rate data when it is too "busy" - normally means when there is substantial power data there is no heart rate data. From today's chart it looks like it is speed related and the cut off speed is around 22kph. Will keep this under observation.

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