Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hong Kong - sports part 1

I went back to Hong Kong for a few weeks. Here is a recap of the activities I have participated in.

I remembered trying water skiing when I was a teenager but do not recall any success in it. It is fashionable to do wakeboarding and we were fortunate enough to book a boat. When you have a couple of noobs trying to learn this it is truly an expensive exercise. Everything from wearing the boots that are attached to the board, setting the boarder and the boat in position, resetting after the boarder has fallen in the water. Every round takes a good few minutes for the noob to try to hang up to a few seconds of board time. Throw in a couple of noobs and the time flies by pretty quickly without any interesting action.

To make things more interesting the guy who has the most experience was not on the boat when I was. I was left with little instructions and pure speculation based on how I've seen noob snowboarders do. And I have to share my thoughts with my daughter too.

I got 4 tries on the board. I was happy to stand up on the first try. By the third try I can turn the board so I was kind of surfing. On the fourth try I was able to hang on for about 10-15 seconds which seems like an eternity.

One odd thing about this boat trip is that the water inside the harbour is rougher. We got on the boat in Central and it was a rough 30 minute ride to get out of the harbour. Once we were able to turn the corner towards Pokfulam the waves die down. I haven't been on a cruise for many years and the busy traffic inside the harbour is to blame.

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