Tuesday, March 20, 2007

zone 2

I've been following this program for a few weeks. I was going to blog that it is too easy - until last Saturday.
It was the last day of week 4. Soccer has ended so I have extra time to ride longer. So instead of a 90 minute zone 2 I extended it to 2 hours.
Unfortunately I picked the wrong day of the weekend to ride long. It is raining rather heavily constantly with a good wind. I went around Iona Beach thinking it has no lights so it makes a good continuous ride. On the way there I saw planes landing in the direction opposite to me - meaning the wind is on my back. So trouble lies ahead. On my way back the wind picked up and it was hard to keep spinning and maintain a steady heartrate.

When I got home I was exhausted, soaked from top to bottom and my legs were sore. I have rain covers for my shoes and they were still completely soaked. 48 hours afterwards they still were.

So zone 2 is not easy. Not at all.

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