Tuesday, April 29, 2008

weird and lucky

I got to deliver this guy a cheque. He lives in Kits and I work downtown. I thought about sticking it in an envelope and mailing it out but something just does not feel right. (weird #1) I have to hop over to the school at lunch time today. The sun is out so I decided to take a detour and drop off the envelope at John's place.

While I was heading over, somebody in an SUV was honking at me. I thought about chasing him down but don't have the legs to...

I was not able to access his mailbox (lucky #1). I could not see his name in the directory so I called the building manager. She told me that he moved a while ago. (weird #2) So I sadly turned around and head back to downtown. While on the way to Burrard bridge, a pedestrian was waving at me. It was none other than John himself! So I yelled, stopped and dropped him my envelope. (lucky #2)

That's not all. John told me he gave me an updated address in another email. When I got back to the office I forwarded the updated address to our membership director. Turns out the address and postal code do not match (weird #3). So even if I caught the updated address the cheque might still not get delivered (lucky #3).

My EV count today is technically 1 although if I count non-cycling guys too its 3.

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