Wednesday, May 21, 2008

knocked down but not out

I was commuting to work, rolling down Dunbar towards 16th. Like any other morning there were a few cars backed up. As normal I slowed down as there are traffic and pedestrians around. Suddenly an SUV decided to turn right in 18th - probably to avoid the traffic as I was approaching the car. I yelled, braked and tried to turn in the same direction (probably in that order as well) but eventually hit the SUV and was down.

The driver came out and checked if I was alright. A few pedestrians (there is a Starbucks at that corner) came out to see if I was alright as well. Well luckily other than 2 scratches on the right knee, a bump on the right hip, a bump on the right shoulder and a bruise on the left arm, and more cuts on the handlebar wrap me and my bike are both ok. So I stood up, checked that I can continue on my bike, talked to the driver (not yelled) and ask him to signal and check, and went on my way.

Lessons learned:
- I should have counter-steered. The fact that turning right shows up on my manoevres is a blessing.
- I should have been slower when approaching slowed cars. I had a similar run in with a car 7 years ago but that was worse. So I have improved. :-)
- I am alright.

Today's EV count is 2.

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